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Custom Products

Tailor-made products
Own Brands


At San Gregorio, we make products that are tailor-made to meet our customers’ needs.


Our infrastructure enables us to produce a wide range of products, backed by a certified quality management system.     


We have experience in, and knowledge of, selecting, ripening, washing, cutting, centrifuge-extraction or cold-pressing techniques, as well as the preparation and mixing of fruits. Products can be vacuum-packed or packed traditionally, subjected to high-pressure processing (HPP) or pasteurising, or given no treatment at all and frozen or refrigerated, in presentations ranging from 100 grammes to five kilogrammes. Kept frozen, final products have a useful life of up to two years.


We adapt our fruit-based product lines, and use personalised labels and packaging to produce own brands . We also cooperate with our customers so that they can develop new products, provided that the necessary volumes meet the minimum process ranges.


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