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In 2013, in conjunction with a foundation that specialises in labour and social inclusion processes for physically challenged people, we began a programme to hire staff with physical challenges; today, almost a third of our labour force have visual, hearing, cognitive or psychosocial challenges.

We take their skills and knowledge into account, and offer them job opportunities that allow for their overall development and enable them to improve their social and economic integration.


We encourage all San Gregorio staff to learn sign language, so that communication can be fluid.


This programme represents a marvellous challenge for PCSG as we constantly strive to be better and work together, we see changes in the life stories of wonderful people who are committed to the organisation.


If you would like to learn more about this project, watch this video: Sami’s Story!



We work with small farmers, many of them members of cooperatives.

We try to reduce the environmental impact of our activities. We therefore employ clean agriculture principles with our own crops and on farms where our fruit comes from.


We dispose of organic waste in such a way that it can be used as a basis for composting or animal feed


We aim to optimise packaging materials, so we use as few as possible and ensure that they are recyclable.


We work with small farmers, many of them members of cooperatives.


We forge long-term relationships with our suppliers, based on principles of trust, sustainability, and fair purchase prices. We support them in applying Good Agricultural Practices. 

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We generate sustainability, trust and fair prices

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We select small farmers

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We forge long-term relationships

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