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Our products

Fruit chunks

Chunks of fruit in ideal sizes for preparing flavoured drinks to order for the consumer.

Mixed fruit pulps

Combinations of two or three fruits. Ideal for preparing smoothies or full-flavour drinks.

Coconut lemon base

Exotic product that conjures up images of flavours from the Pacific in a delicious mixture of coconut and lemon.

Cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juices

Delicious juices made from a single fruit or various fruits mixed with vegetables and functional ingredients.

Fruit pulp

Pulp in single-fruit portions. Ideal for preparing fresh juices.

Base for infusions

Mixture of blackberry, guava, papaya, apple and lemongrass. 

Hass avocado and guacamole

Delicious avocado chunks and pulp or fresh guacamole ready to serve.

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