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We are a Colombian company based in the city of Bogotá that has been involved in agriculture since 1994, and opened its own production plant in 2003. We have always offered innovative tropical-fruit products that are tailor-made to meet our customers’ needs.


Our products are sold in Colombia, and we have experience in exporting to other markets.  


Our products are easy to use, and we guarantee supply throughout the year.


We serve restaurants, industry and retail-market distributors, offering various flavours of frozen fruit in pulp or chunks for preparing hot or cold beverages, cold-press juices that are ready to drink, and Hass avocado pulp and guacamole.


We offer presentations for industry and for the final consumer.


Our use of high-pressure processing (HPP) technology guarantees product conservation and safety.


Easy and natural!


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Our dedicated staff are always ready to learn.

PCSG works actively to be an inclusive company. 


To this end, we foster a policy where the gender preferences, ideologies, sexual orientation or nationality of our staff have no bearing whatsoever on their joining the company, or on our appraisal of their performance. We currently have migrants and members of the LGBTQI+ community working for us.

We aim to ensure that women are actively involved in company administration at all levels. Over half our staff are women. The majority of the management team are women. The company was formed and is headed by a woman. Women have a 50% shareholding in the company.


Our infrastructure enables us to produce a wide range of products, backed by a certified quality management system. We have a dynamic research and development programme, in order to innovate in our products and processes.

HPP, a technology that guarantees safety

We use high-pressure processing (HPP) technology principally for processing HASS avocado. The benefits of this technology are enormous, since it enables us to guarantee product safety and to extend the useful life of our products while maintaining their original freshness.

Cold Press, the most natural extraction  

Juices and extracts are made using the mechanical Cold Press process, which allows the nutrients in the fruit (vitamins, minerals and enzymes) to be retained.



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